C. Qualifying the Names

When I am comfortable with the results of the database search, I sometimes call the “hiring authority” and review the list. This does two things.

  1. It weeds out any people who, for whatever reason, are not candidates based on knowledge of the hiring authority.
  2. It jogs the hiring authority’s memory of other potential candidates. Reviewing companies and people in a common industry and/or discipline will invariably produce more names of potential candidates.

As inquiries are made to the resulting list, and names of referrals are obtained, the information on these new candidates is added to the database for current and future use. I try to qualify the referrals as they are given to me, but that isn’t always possible. Since time is the most valuable commodity with which I have to work, I try to get as much information about a person as I can before I make contact. In many cases, the referral I am given isn’t really qualified for the job, but is looking for a job and I have run into his/her networking process. That’s OK for future searches, but at this point I need to focus on candidates who are qualified for this position.