Statement of Philosophy

I view my role with my clients as an extension of their Human Resources Department. It has been my experience that an experienced Search Consultant like myself can provide companies with a dimension that they cannot ethically get from within. Specifically, I have the ability as an outside contractor to approach candidates directly about opportunities with their organization.  This even includes people happily employed by their competitors.

Further, I have learned that the best candidates are literally flattered when they receive an inquiry about an opportunity that can potentially enhance their career. Even if they have already heard of the position via word of mouth, advertising or email, they are almost always interested in hearing the particulars, if not for themselves, for someone they know. This is the magic of Networking! In other words, most people will not take the initiative to respond to advertising or something they have “heard on the street”, but they will respond positively when approached by a third party about a position with a competitor.  Also, I have learned that many of the best candidates are too busy to spend the time it takes to scour the numerous web sites to try and determine who’s looking for what.  But again, they will respond positively to my inquiry about a position that will enhance their career.

Clearly, personal contacts, word of mouth, advertising, various web sites and other obvious sources play a role in any company’s staffing needs. It is not until after you have utilized those sources, and time becomes a factor, do I expect you to turn to my Networking Search Process and make use of the Referral Network I have been creating since 1983.

It is my choice to use the Contingency Fee Agreement because of its flexibility and simplicity. In short, no costs are generated until you hire a candidate I have introduced to you. Retained searches are great for some circumstances, but an “arms-length agreement” with a contingency search using an experienced Search Consultant like myself, will usually produce the best results in a more timely and efficient manner. Mainly because it still justifies all other sources for you to find the people you need. Who knows when a good candidate will come to you from a direct contact or from a posting on your web site?  I am aware of this and it forces me to act more expeditiously.

My objective as a search consultant is to provide my clients with honest, concise, economically useful and necessary information about potential employees, and assist them in enhancing their profitability through quality additions to their staff. I truly believe that my fee will only be justifiable if the candidate I bring to you is the right person for your organization. And, to the degree that he or she positively affects your bottom line, my fee should be relatively small.